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Haylee Couch
Born in Indiana
1 year
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All these years have passed since God has called you home and you have never left my memory. I still think about the POS that did this and I hope Bubba is taking care of him. I hope things are still magical up there and that you are living your best life! You are safest there as this world today hasnt gotten any better. I have children of my own now and just think of you every once in a while. I cant wait to see you again some day. I am glad I had the time to know you. Love you Angel :) Say hi to my folks up there.
Hendrick Polanco My deepest condolences March 8, 2014

My deepest condolences.  May these few words from the Holy Scriptures bring you comfort in your time of grief...

John 11:32-45

32 And so Mary, when she arrived where Jesus was and caught sight of him, fell at his feet, saying to him: “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” 33 Jesus, therefore, when he saw her weeping and the Jews that came with her weeping, groaned in the spirit and became troubled; 34 and he said: “Where have YOU laid him?” They said to him: “Lord, come and see.” 35 Jesus gave way to tears. 36 Therefore the Jews began to say: “See, what affection he used to have for him!” 37 But some of them said: “Was not this [man] that opened the eyes of the blind man able to prevent this one from dying?”

38 Hence Jesus, after groaning again within himself, came to the memorial tomb. It was, in fact, a cave, and a stone was lying against it.39 Jesus said: “TAKE the stone away.” Martha, the sister of the deceased, said to him: “Lord, by now he must smell, for it is four days.”40 Jesus said to her: “Did I not tell you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?” 41 Therefore they took the stone away. Now Jesus raised his eyes heavenward and said: “Father, I thank you that you have heard me. 42 True, I knew that you always hear me; but on account of the crowd standing around I spoke, in order that they might believe that you sent me forth.” 43 And when he had said these things, he cried out with a loud voice: “Laz´a·rus, come on out!” 44The [man] that had been dead came out with his feet and hands bound with wrappings, and his countenance was bound about with a cloth. Jesus said to them: “Loose him and let him go.”

45 Therefore many of the Jews that had come to Mary and that beheld what he did put faith in him;

Please go to the following link for more information regarding the Hope expressed in this passage


sissy(lexy) R.I.P.baby grrl May 16, 2012
i miss you because you never liked it when me and mommy fought it was soooo funny. baby i think about you all the time miss u more and more everyday and it kills me to know i only had that short time with u i should have spent more time with you because that is precious time i will never get back! i would do anything to have one more day to say goodbye and tell you how i fell cut i cant missing you is like bein shot u live but u just keep hurting xoxxo love you
Mary Praying for you July 15, 2010

I came across this site, and I cried for you and your little angel.  Please know that I am praying for you!

mom 2 Waylon Kitchens Happy B Day June 22, 2010


Horns to blow and bright balloons,
lots of presents too...
Ice Cream, Cake and Candies along with
Birthday wishes just for you!

Have A Beautiful Celebration in Heaven!

mom 2 Waylon Kitchens on ur angelversary March 8, 2010
mom 2 Waylon Kitchens thinkin of you June 25, 2009

Grandma Couch Halloween October 6, 2008

Everytime Halloween comes around, I remember how you loved the pumpkins that

Uncle Mike gave you and how cute you were in your Care Bear outfit.

I came out to the cemetary to see you yesterday and forgot to bring you a pumpkin.

I will come out again and bring you one.

Grandma misses you and has many good memories.

I know that you are happy and that you're well cared for up there in Heaven.

We all miss you down here.

Thank you for the love and time you spent with me.

You are always in my thoughts and my heart.

Love you always.   Grandma  

Haley Sweet Little Angel September 1, 2008

I hope your having fun in heavenn When i get to heaven I'll See you and play with you every day of my life and hold you  in my arms. I miss seeing you. every time i go to my grandmals i wish there was a play pin and I wish you were in it. I saw you and you smiled at me and that warmed my heart. I hurt so bad that my heart shatters into pieces every day. I shed tears every once in a while. im shedding tears right now. that idiot should go to hell for what he did. I wish i was there on the night  you were murderd so i could protect you. you are gods little angel and i have to remind my self that your in a better place now. sometimes I have a hard time understanding why you had to go so early. and you would have been 4 years old this year. and if my grandmal was still whatching you I would put on a birthday party for you.I love you Haylee and i will remeber the times we shared together.

Rosie Barrera I'm sorry June 24, 2008
I was going through this memorial site when i ran across you daughter's page I'm sorry for your loss. I'm a young mother of 4 beautiful kids and i just can't imagine losing one of my kids.I lost my husband in July of 2006 and it was hard but, i found courage and comfort in the Lord and my children..I's going to be 2 years this year and I still cry,love and miss him very much and when i start to feel depressed and an overwhelming sense of sadness I look to the Lord,My God in prayer and the sadness goes away..HE'S THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING! I WILL BE SURE TO SAY A LITTLE PRAYER FOR YOUR LITTLE ANGEL,YOURSELF AND FAMILY...GOD BLESS ALWAYS!
haley sweet angel April 13, 2008
i love you i want to be with you so bad but i can't i hope you are having fun up there in heaven
Paula RIP Little Angel August 8, 2007

I am so sorry to hear of your loss.  Loosing a child is the hardest thing a parent could ever go through.  I to know exactly how you are feeling.  My boyfriends son "Christopher Barrios Jr." passed away March 8, 2007 - just a year after your little angel.  Even though he was not my child by birth, I still felt as if he was my own child and the pain is just as real.  The only thing that gets me through each day is knowing that he is in a much better place.


Feel free to email me anytime - memories@christopher-barrios.net


Christopher's memorial site - http://www.christopher-barrios.last-memories.com

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