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Haylee Couch
Born in Indiana
1 year
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haylee ill never forget how every time mommy got mad ud come with a 24case of mountain dew and ask "wanna dew" and how we'd all laugh u were the cutest little baby so funny and sweet ill never forget u ohh and mommy got married to josh u never met him but u wouldve loved him i miss u so much it hurts but ill see u again one day me and grandma always talk about our memories of when u were here we both miss u babyXOXOXOXOXO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hayy baby sissy misses u so much i think of u every night i wanna hold u and kiss u agin but the thought ill never get 2 tears me apart i wish i could see wat ur doing right now and fly with u in heaven then land in a cloud but i know god is taking care of u and kepping u safe i.m.t.f. i miss u baby just remember that!!!


I sit here thinking back to the day you were born.. I fell in love with you.. I looked at your Mommy and said she is so beautiful.. I am so glad that you came into my life.. I was there when you entered this world and when you left this world.. I love you so much and even though you were not my daughter.. I loved you as you were.. Happy Birthday and I know you are with your Grandma playing today...

Thank you for letting me love you Haylee... You loved everyone..



Today was your sissy Lexy's birthday and the memories.. I remember your first birthday and how much fun you had.. You had so much and had birthday cake everywhere so much that we had to give you a bath in the sink.. Andy and Elizabeth made your birthday cake for you and it was beautiful and very good.. You liked to put most of it in your hair.. You are so funny....

I still remember all your presents and how you wanted to eat the paper more than the presents...

So many beautiful memories and you are such a beautiful loved baby..

I love you so much Haylee and never forget that.. No matter what I do or where I go you are always with me.. Good night my sweet baby and kisses to you..

Cousin Sarah


i have been thinking about you and all of our happy memories with you! I miss how happy you managed to make everyone even when they were having the worst day! I wish you were here somedays to make my day better.

We will never forget you baby and we all love you soo much. You were such a good baby.

I remeber when me and Lexy used to fight you would come into the room and say "no no". You never wanted fighting.

In the mornings when i used to dress you, you used to always want to pick out your outfit and bring it to me.

(You were so smart!)

Just know that I think about you everyday and I LOVE YOU.

Love You,

Sarah =]



I was thinking about when you were born and I could not wait to meet you and was so excited to hold you.. I was there when you came into this world and when you left this world.. I love you Haylee and no matter what I do in this life you will live in my heart forever.. I thank God that I knew and loved you the time I had with you.. I love you baby.. You belonged to your Mommy but I loved you as mine and I always will..xoxoxooxoooxoxoxoxooxoxoooxoooxoxoxox

Haley Garmon
I remeber going to my grandmals and you would throw stuff out of your pin and i would pick it up and you would laugh. and smile at me. you would want to play with my hair and was patient when my grandmal fed you. I miss your smile and i miss your laughter. I want you back and I want you to have my heart once i get to heaven,I love you Sweet little angel

Haylee, On this labor day week-end.. I remember putting you in the pool in your floating swim suit.. You did not like swimming very much.. I thank god that I have memories of you and they are kept in my heart.. I see little girls your age and I half cry half smile thinking of you... I love you so much and wish that I had more time with you.. I always thought I would have time.. You were only with me for a short time and I cherish every memory.. I love you so much.. I looked at your pictures the other day and my heart ached for you..

Always know that I love you.. Thank you again for letting me love you..

I remember that smile! with your hair standing up every where.  You never cried, you were the best behaved baby in the world. Lexy and I would always run and hide and you would pop in the room looking every where for us and then once you saw us you would show that smile and laugh!!!! Every time i saw you no matter what was going on you made me happy just to see you. LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING, Zachie
Haley annamarie Garmon
haylee when i saw you, you were gods baby i hate that person that done this to you and i love you so much me and my grandmal use to watch you all the time and i looked at you and you smiled i miss you so much i wish i could have gave you my life and i wish it was me i miss you and you will alwys be my angel forever i love you and i hope someday when i go to heaven i will see you again and hold you I love you... sweet dreams little angel
I was in the Hospital today and my thoughts drifted back to the first day that I was blessed to have held and loved you.. I remember like it was today holding you and thinking how special you are.. You are so beautiful Haylee and so loving.. I could of if you Mommy and Grandma would have let me.. We all including Birdie argued over who had you next.. Always Know that you are with me each and every day and I know you happy and your Grandma Charlotte has you and is loving you, that makes days like today bearable... Always know we all love you and miss you beyond any words that can be spoken..
Alexys (sissy)
Haylee I will miss you forever. I'll see you in heaven soon. Our entire family misses you.
Mommy will always remember how sweet and loving you were. You will always be my baby. I will always remember the way that you loved to sleep on me, with my legs crossed indian style you would sleep so peacefully on mommy like this, I called it your nest. You brought so much happiness to me in the short time that you were here, but even though we can never share any of these moments again, you will always be with me and I know that I will see you again. Your sister misses you very much as well, you were lexy's baby too. You were everyone's baby everyone wanted their turn holding you forever. All we have now is pictures and memories to hold on to. I know your grandma is taking good care of you up there in heaven, but it's so hard to even think about. I believe that you have helped us through some of this, just thinking of you and knowing what had to be done to the evil person who done this, got us this far. I love you and miss you so much Haylee, you are always in mommy's thoughts.


I remember when we took you shopping in Edinburg and you wanted a "dew" as you would say for Mountain Dew and I gave you sprite, after taking one sip you looked at your sippie cup and pitched it.. I laughed so hard... Then Andy gave you your very own bag of chips like the other girls and you were a big girl... You took your face and put in the bag, then poured the entire bag on the floor and laughed... You always were so funny... I know you are still laughing in heavan... I love you Haylee and I try so hard to stay strong... words... I know you want us to be happy and laugh like you always had us do... The 20 short months you were here left a lifetime stamp on my heart Haylee... I miss you so very much... You are on my mind so much lately....

Sarah (cousin)

Haylee, i miss you so much that noone could ever understand. You brought me happiness every time that I saw you. I love you alot. You were always smiling and doing somthing to make someone laugh or smile. I think about you everyday and how lucky that our family was to have you. But now even though it hurts that we dont have you, then still now that you are in heaven being the happy little angel that we all knew! You are remembered and loved forever. I miss you alot!




P.S. Happy Birthday!!!


Haylee baby,

I will always remember the way you used to say Birdie, well the best you could. And you used to kiss the picture of me as a baby. And all the times that we took you to church and for some reason whenever church started that is when you wanted to start crying. And when You peed on my dads bed! Haylee, I will never forget you and I know that you were brought to me for a reason. You made me who I am today... you taught me more then I will ever learn in school.... Thank you so much for letting me be in your life. I know you don't want to see me upset buy baby without you there is a piece of my missing... and I promise you I will try to stay strong for everyone else. because I know thats what you want. Haylee You are always in my heart honey and I will always remember all the precious memories we had. You brought so much happiness and kindness into the family...I love you Haylee Elyssa You will always be my angel!


I will always remember your kisses, the way you wanted to be held... Haylee, you came into this world with so much love and kindness... I want you to know you left such wonderful loving memories and I will do my best to always think about the happiness and love you showed all of us... I know you were sent to us for a reason and to show us love and happiness and peace... Haylee, I try so hard to remember the peace and kindness through all of this and I know you would not want us to carry so much anger.. I try baby.... Just know that I thank you Haylee for allowing me to know you and to most all Love you....

I will ALWAYS remember your loving, kind spirit... Now you are the angel that you were here on earth....

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